SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an technique where you can optimize you website to rank higher on Google search and other search engines. SEO focuses in improving your ranking so that you get more organic visitors means more traffic. The main idea behind SEO is to increase the ranking of your website by working on few guidelines to get your website listed in top of searches

Before knowing more about SEO, let us learn few important terms which are used.


SERP (Search Engine Result Page): It is the page which you get when you search some querry in Google. 

Keyword: The words you type in Google to search something those are called keywords.

Crawling: When we put any content in our blog or website and user searchs its keyword than Google Crawler (Reader) which is Google Spider or Googlebot will go through the websites where the keyword will be found. And when Google searches the content from websites it is called crawling.

Indexing: When Google have crawled a website it saves the content in its database so that whenever somebody searches it in Google with the keyword, Google can answer it with the result of website and that is called indexing.


Google Algorithm: There are some rules and guidelines created by Google according to which it decides which result to show for a searched querry. This algorithm helps Google to decide what is the best result to be shown and decides the ranking of a page.


SEO is a process by which we improve the ranking of our website in SERP. When an user searches keyword related to our website than we should get our website in first page of Google search. Just think how many of us scroll the second or the third page of search engines. When we search something we just click on link at the first page as they according to Google will give the best answer to your querry.

Bringing your website in the first page of Google is not an easy task you need to do lot of hard work and SEO so that Google shows your website on first page. Getting on first page means you are getting lot of organic visitors in your website. Just doing few SEO tricks will help you in gaining ranking in Google.

Types of SEO

On-page SEO

On-page SEO is working on factors within your website. In On-Page SEO, we optimize the title, tags, content and complete structure of the pages of our website with our target keyword , the keyword on which we want to rank our website and the techniques of On Page SEO.


On-page SEO can be done in 3 ways

Content Optimization 

Content is the king and for any website to be sucessful you need good content which follows certain guidelines. The content should be well written and presented to the search engines perfectly so that they can easily read it. You should take care of keywords, description, meta and title tags and revelant links. 

HTML Optimization:

HTML Optimization is part of coding and we have to work on HTML SEO factor like keeping the keyword in the URL of the page of title length, keeping the headings proper and applying Alt tag in the images. 

Technical Optimization:

Technical Optimization is also a part of On Page SEO, in which we help search engines like Google in Crawling, Indexing. 


Off-page SEO

Off-page or Off site SEO is when you work not on the webpage but other factors related to it to improve its ranking on the SERP and boosting the site authority. We work on link building, social presence and many more such things where we make our website famous and increase its value on Google.

Social media can affect page authority and will build brand recognition over time and improve your site results. This SEO is called off-page SEO as all the tactics you are doing is outside of your website, this include link building or improving you brand recognition and presence on social media. Each time your website is linked by other website it is counted as a vote and more the votes your website have more will be its page rank which effects its ranking on search page. But take care while building links as low quality links can result in penalties in turn lowering your ranking.

Technical SEO

In Technical SEO we work on crawling our website , indexing it properly so that the crawler can easily crawl our website. This involves work like submitting your sitemap to search engines, creating a robots.txt file and many more, which make it easier for the search engines (like Google) to crawl our website and our ranking increases quickly.