Choosing the perfect domain name for your website is the first and most crucial step for your success. Choosing the wrong domain name can hurt all your challenging work and it's something you can't change later without a hassle.

A domain name is the face of your website and the first impression you make of your visitors. A good domain name will have a lasting beneficial effect and a bad domain name can make your visitor run out. Selecting a good domain name will give you an opportunity to build a brand. It is always advisable to spend quality time choosing the brand name. 


Choosing a perfect domain name is something every website owner needs to see before anything else. We are sharing things to consider when choosing your ideal domain name.

10 Tips for choosing a domain name.

1. Easy domain name

Choose a domain that is easy to type, this is crucial for online success. First, think of something of an original name and then you must figure out if it's available. If your words are hard for users to type, then there are chances that your user will land on some other website. Try to make a domain name that is fun to say aloud and not difficult to memorize immediately. You can choose your own brand names like Google, Bing, and Yahoo did it. 

2. Short is best

Your domain name should be as short as possible, don't go overboard with domain length. The shorter the domain name is more memorable it is and fewer typos when entering the name. You should aim for a 6–14-character long domain name. Most short domain names were sold a long time ago and are no more available. You can choose something short and then work to make it brandable.


3. Best if the domain name has keywords

If your domain name has your business keywords, then it's the best. The domain name with a keyword in it will rank better on search engines as they make more sense to your customers. These SEO benefits will bring more traffic means more business to your website. The Keyword chosen should represent your website and content. For example, if a watch repair company uses website then it means they will get more business as the name makes more sense to customers.

4. Easy to pronounce and remember

You domain name should be easy to share when speaking or writing, and easy to pronounce and dictate over the phone. You will want your domain name to be passed and shared easily without people struggling to understand it. 

5. Leave Room to grow

Choose a brand name that has the scope of growing and doesn't get trapped into a single niche. For example, online stores selling flowers might begin selling other things too, you don't want to transfer your website to a new domain name just because you are growing. So, while choosing a domain name keep the growth of the market in mind, consider aiming for a market that’s a little broader than a specific product or topic.

6. Choose a perfect domain name extension

Choosing the Top-Level Domain (TLD) for your website like .com, .org, or .net is the best. The common TLD is .com that is used by most webpages and is easily memorable. This extension is typed automatically at the end and most keyboards have .com key too. This is the safest and well-established extension across different countries.


7. Avoid hyphens and numbers

Domain name should be easy to write and pronounce so remember not to use hyphens and numbers which will make it complicated, Hyphen and numbers are always misunderstood and end up in typos making your user land on to some other page.

8. Take time to research

When choosing a domain name make sure the name you have chosen isn't trademarked or copyrighted. This could result you in a legal mess and will cost you a fortune. So, make sure you give plenty of time in researching your domain name and validating that it is not used by any other company.  You can also use a tool like Knowem, to know whether the domain name is available to be used or if the trademarks are already registered to other businesses.

9.  Use domain name generator

You might have some names in mind according to your keyword, but you may find that many of the words are already taken. Coming up with some unique and out-of-box ideas is not that easy. This is where domain name generators come into play. These generators will give you fresh ideas for new available domain names. You just need to fill in a few words related to your business, and you will get an extensive list of potential names you can use.

10. Act fast before someone else takes it

Domain name sells fast, so register your domain name as soon as possible. There are thousands of new domain names registered daily from around the world. It might be possible you choose a name after great research and when you go to register it is unavailable. Remember domain names aren't permanent fixtures, they are like real estate. You may buy a potential domain name and might end up using some other and sell the previous one with some profit.


Hopefully, with these tips in mind, you can easily choose the perfect domain name for your website.