YouTube is an free online video sharing platform and the second largest search engine after Google search. Today YouTube is the most popular sites on the Web and its popularity is exploding in recent years. It is the second most popular social media platform and the only platform that has more active user than YouTube is Facebook.

YouTube was first introduced in 2005 and it have come a long way since then. It was bought by Google in 2006 and now it is one of Google’s subsidiaries. It went on to become from 0 to 1 billion viewers in a decade. 


The main reason why YouTube is so popular is its simplicity in which people can get started and create content around the world. YouTube viewers watch over one billion hours of videos on its platform every single day. Recently businesses have started to use YouTube as a channel to communicate with their customers. YouTube is becoming a huge marketing channel.

One third of all online activity is spent in watching videos. But the videos should be interesting and unique to stand out from the pack. So that is why we have compiled a hew SEO tips to help you make your videos an internet sensational. 

Youtube SEO

Search Engine Optimization for YouTube starts with metadata. In other words its all the details you add in video that help your video to get discovered. YouTube have its own search engine and that is the first thing you look at before deciding to click. 

Optimization is all about the klicks a video is getting. YouTube algorithm is paying close attention to people behaviour, like which thumbnail or titles are more klicked by visitors and which they don't. Its job is to predict what viewers want to watch. When you have a higher click-through rate that tells YouTube that people are more interested in your content. 


The most important ranking factors for a YouTube video is Metadata. YouTube video Meta's include, Title, Decription, Keywords and Tags, these are the most important pieces of information that help viewers to decide what to watch.

Here are ten tips for maximizing views and boosting your YouTube SEO.

1. Find perfect keywords to improve you Youtube SEO

Keywords for YouTube are different from the keywords that appear in Google. Keyword and keyword phrases should give detail about that your video is about. Try to insert your keyword in video title naturally.

You can get idea about keywords from YouTube search report itself. When you type a keyword in Youtube search you will get a list of relevant keyword in that niche.

2. Optimize your YouTube Video Title

A title of the video should be clear, compelling, concise (Not greater than 60 characters). Title should include your focussed keyword and should straight away solve the problem viewers are looking for. So by reading the title the viewers will be able to see what benefit they will get after watching the video.


3. Optimize your YouTube Video Description

After deciding the title you need to move on to choosing the description. We divide YouTube description in two parts, one is the first 100 characters, that is more important. It is where Youtube and people looks at. This part should contain the primary keyword and primary keyword phrase from the title. 

When YouTube shows yours description it will display ony the first two to three lines of the text. So use your important link here, After this you can include your social channels, video credit, and video time stamps. Including your video transcript is also a smart idea as it is full of keywords. 

Warning: Do not use and reuse the same description

4. Optimize your YouTube Video Tags

Tagging allows you to enter some relevant keywords. Do some keyword research with Googe keyword planner which will let you know the most searched and most relevant keywords. Try to use a good mix of shorter and general keywords, and specific, long-tail keywords. Dont use irrelevant keywords as you might penetalize for that and YouTube might delete or suspend your account.


5. Ask people to leave their comments

Its a good practice to exchange ideas so ask viewers to comment on your video about what they like or what they want to change. More comments your video you get more popular it is, it will work as a metrics used by YouTube in deciding what people like the most.

6. Ask them to Subscribe your channel

Subscribing to a channel is a big deal as YouTube rank videos on basis of the number of subscriber your channel have. When you have subscription to your channel means they are viewing your videos at a regular basis. So this should be your top priority to ask viewers to Subscriber.

7. Create an unique Thumbnail

A YouTube thumbnail isn't a ranking factor but it impacts the SEO. When you have a unique and eye-catching thumbnail than viewers will be tempt to klick on it. Choose a high-quality, high-contrast images as thumbnail, that represent your target keyword.

8. Add Closed Captions

Add closed caption which create a better viewing experience and can help to broaden your video reach. These captions are crawlable by search engines so add a nice SEO boost to your video. Google reward helpful search results and penalizes spam and you may loose your search rank because of the automatically generated gibberish.

9. Build link to your channel

Build links with other videos and this is the best YouTube SEO practice. But Linking will add authority in your niche and YouTube will rank you better.  You must be familier SEO of blogs and website where Google count the number of backlinks to determine the value of the page. Seeing that YouTube is owned by Google, and it should be no surprise that YouTube works in this way too.

10. Share your videos in Social Media

Now you are ready with your video get more eyeballs and make it popular. Share your video on every social channel available to maximize its visibility. Share the video in your Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Quora account.

Youtube SEO Conslusion

YouTube is a smart way to get your content in front of so many audience for free. With so many tech in hands making videos is getting much simpler and easy. Make your channel on YouTube and post videos keeping our SEO tips in mind. Just take care that your content is interesting and unique, you can make video using your phone and generate great results.