Holidays are almost here, after Halloween all businesses are geared up for holiday with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday, and Christmas. Everyone starts planning for holidays, it's time when you can make most of it.

Holiday promotion is for everybody be it a product, service, or whatever business you are in. Holiday promotions are always not related to discounting which must be a great strategy for product-based businesses but for service-based businesses discounting doesn't work and instead, you can offer a bonus and provide additional value.


Nobody likes to miss something especially during the holidays, so start creating some good holiday promotions for your business well in advance and help to spread the word to all.

In this article, we will give some tips on how to make a great and catchy holiday promotion and get success this holiday season.

Be an early bird

Start your holiday campaign early to get more people interested in your services. An early bird sale or promotion offers people to sign up for the event months or weeks in advance. You get a firm idea about attendee numbers of the event in advance so you can project the idea about its success. Send newsletter and promote the event through your social media profiles so that maximum people get to know about it.

Offer Bonus into your services

Instead of offering discounts offer bonuses into your services. For example, if you are providing services for 10 hours you can bonus extra 5 hours of service in the package. This is much better than offering discounts on service which will only degrade its quality.


For example, you run a hair salon and you provide cutting for $15, during the holiday you can give a bonus with some extra services rather than reducing the amount you can just add a seasonal twist to your offer.

Hold a Contest

Holidays are a wonderful time to hold a contest and give the lucky winner your free services or gift vouchers. Share your contest on social media and let the word spread, and in no time you will be creating your own buzz for free. Use holiday-themed colors and images to grab people's attention. Your goal of creating the contest is not for pushing sales, but for building your brand and awareness so that you get more conversions in the future.


Holidays are all about giving, so volunteer with some charity nearby. This will be the right thing to do as we are helping out and in return getting our brand value and more referrals for our business. Partner with the right charity like you own a gym the best will be to partner with a nearby local health charity. Promote your effort in social media and your website so that your visitors knew about it.

Gift certificates

Service-based businesses need to work harder during holidays as people treat products as gifts. You can give Gift certificates so the recipient can enjoy your services along with the gift. If not, gift certificates you could also arrange some free product samples which you can afford.


Partner up

Holiday promotion for service-based companies is best when they partner with their complementary business. These companies will have a similar audience to yours but operate in a different niche. Together you can work to create something awesome and valuable which will be helpful to visitors of both companies. This will not only boost your revenue but will also increase your customer reach.

Make Saturday a special day

For service-based businesses, you need to reach maximum customers and for that, you need to send promotions multiple times on social media and Saturday is the best day to do the same.


Put some holiday cheer in your social media presence, website, or printed materials. Whatever service you are in just get the holiday glow to it. Creativity is an essential ingredient for success in any work. So, spark your company with a holiday glow, don't let the holiday season pass without you getting into the spirit of it.

Invest in paid social ads

Organic social reach is different from it used to be, nowadays paid social promotion on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter give brands a rich brand awareness and you can generate a lot of business because of these ads.


Send Holiday cards to reconnect

A holiday is a perfect time to thank your customers, especially for service-based businesses it's the best time to reconnect with your customers. Send holiday cards in which you could add an offer or new service, but the main theme of the card should be just thank you for another wonderful year.


There is no magic wand for holiday promotion success, but these tips can help you to create a profitable holiday campaign. Don't let the slower holiday season affect your business but creative thinking and embracing the spirit of holidays is all needed for you to keep your business fresh in customers' minds.